Green by its very nature - Agriculture

Between discussions about low prices and the lowest possible impact of food from the supermarket, many forget that the approach to environmentally friendly and resource-conserving agriculture can begin as early as the equipping of farm machinery with electric drives. Whether tractors, combines, sugar-beet harvesters or hay swathers - they all offer potential for savings in fuel, exhaust gases and noise. Savings that ultimately benefit everyone, producers, end customers and the environment. Feasible with just one single adjustment screw: the selection of the right drive.

Simply move more with REFUdrive

  • More environmental protection thanks to lower noise pollution and reduced CO2 emissions
  • More flexible deployment thanks to reduced exhaust emissions and the resulting possibility of use in enclosed spaces and pollution controlled areas
  • More possibilities thanks to a control circuit board with a freely configurable interface and SPS functions
  • More yields thanks to the matching of production processes to actual circumstances
  • More efficiency thanks to the use of renewable energy

Progress through precision farming - the application possibilities

Not only does the drive have an important function in its role as the main actor within the chassis, the individual connected auxiliary drives and attachments are also decisive. Drive technology as a whole is responsible for exact control and regulation and is therefore becoming increasingly important for efficient farming. The fact is that progressive urbanization and climate-induced changes are reducing the area to be farmed, while increasing industrialization, population growth and shifting diets are creating an ever-increasing demand for food. When it comes to today's and tomorrow's agriculture, precision farming is the buzzword. To meet these demands, REFUdrive sees it as its duty to develop solutions for your mobile machines.