Shaping the future – Construction sites

The epitome of hard, rough work: construction sites. They not only create our cities and infrastructure, they also shape the picture, albeit temporarily, not least through noise and exhaust fumes. The use of machines need not have a negative effect on society because electric drive solutions are available for these applications as well, which not only ensure an improved environmental balance, but also greater safety. Workers are continuously subject to the harmful exhaust gases from the heavy construction machinery on sites, especially in construction pits where the harmful gases can accumulate in dangerous concentrations. This gas poses a health hazard, however this need not be the case! This can be remedied easily by utilizing electrically operated machines.

Simply move more with REFUdrive

  • More environmental sensefulness thanks to reduced pollution and lower noise emissions
  • More flexibility thanks to greater precision in the control of processes and extendable operating times, including at night
  • More safety for site workers thanks to the elimination of exhaust emissions
  • More cost-savings thanks to downsizing of generators and reduced fuel consumption
  • More energy thanks to peak shaving, even with temporary use of stationary systems with mains operation

Social meets ecological - the application possibilities

Whether excavators, wheel loaders or concrete mixers - emissions can be reduced by electrification. However, in addition to all socio-ecological factors, the electrotechnical solutions are also economically efficient. Besides potential downsizing of diesel engines, electrified machines can save fuel and thus minimize your biggest cost factor when using heavy equipment.