Not just a trend - e-mobility

E-Mobility is the buzzword of our time. People are meant to be mobile, as machines are in any case. Whether it is public transport on wheels or rails, municipal vehicles, other commercial vehicles or airport apron vehicles, the call for e-vehicles is getting louder and louder. Due to their climate friendliness, elimination of CO2 emissions, and their reduced noise emissions result in better environmental compatibility, thereby fitting much better into our environment than their diesel or gasoline powered counterparts. To ensure that the environmental bonus is not at the expense of efficiency, REFU is committed to the consistent further development of its technology. On the one hand, this is tailored to the needs of individual customers, and on the other hand, it is also based on general, state-supported requirements resulting from joint projects such as the ESKAM.

Simply move more with REFUdrive

  • More autonomy thanks to optimised work processes that do not depend on the turning speed of a diesel engine
  • More deployment possibilities thanks to suitability for use in enclosed spaces and unrestricted access to city centres and environmental protection zones
  • More freedom thanks to the extended operating times made possible by reduced noise emissions
  • More cost-effective thanks to enhanced efficiency, operation of top performance from battery accumulators and downsizing of diesel generators.

Intelligent battery management - the application possibilities

In all activities, the drive technology must not be considered separately from the appropriate battery management. After all, the overall efficiency of an e-vehicle also depends on the intelligent control and storage of energy. With an efficiency of up to 90%, lithium-ion technology, which is characteristic for the REFUdrive system, together with the intelligent REFU battery management system forms one of the key components for the drive technology of the future. With regard to your requirements, REFUdrive also knows the optimal charging technology that can result in successful implementation of the drive system, regardless of whether stationary or mobile.