Where extreme conditions are the norm – Mining

In Europe and around the world - raw materials are mined everywhere from open-cast and underground mines. In the past, mining was mainly limited to coal mining for energy production, but today other raw materials being mined play a role with increasing importance. Has the image of mining changed though ? At least not due to the increasing exchange of tusks and augers with modern instruments. Two topics continue to be discussed to the present day: energy and safety. They play the leading roles in front of a backdrop characterized by harsh conditions with strong shocks and large temperature fluctuations. The (partial) electrification of drives can make an essential contribution to improving efficiency and working conditions.

Simply move more with REFUdrive

  • More reliability thanks to the resistance of our equipment to shocks and vibrations; even under harsh conditions
  • More efficiency thanks to the recuperation of energy during braking
  • More safety thanks to energy recovery, which avoids overheating and helps prevent possible explosions
  • More savings thanks to downsizing and energy recovery, along with peak shaving when operating on batteries
  • More ease of use thanks to an integrated SPC function that eliminates the need for expertise on control systems when starting up the machine for the first time

Efficiency along the entire process sequence - the application possibilities

Electric drive technology can be used for  shearer loaders and road headers operating directly underground as well as for conveyor systems such as monorails which are designed for the inward and outward transport of equipment, materials and workers. You therefore enjoy advantages along the entire process chain. Mining machines equipped with REFUdrive components can be used for mining not only with large but also with small seams of 0.6 m by means of precise control. You can also benefit from energy recovery, among other things. In addition, REFUdrive enables the use of monorail overhead conveyors due to the special control of the overall system. REFUdrive offers your industry optimal solutions for the future.