The busy meeting points of the sea – Ports

They have played a key role in our infrastructure for centuries. They are essential for the commercial flow of goods. Their dimensions are constantly reaching new dimensions: Ports. But where their complexity is constantly increasing, it remains easy to increase the energy efficiency, reduce cost and improve security. Whether you look at cranes, AGVs, reach stackers or terminal trucks - they all offer the same point of attack for optimization: drive technology.

Simply move more with REFUdrive

  • More efficiency thanks to energy recovery; free from maintenance and with fuel savings of up to 30%
  • More safety based on driverless systems and corresponding integrated functions
  • More precision in the shape of accurate control technology, the negotiating of bends and torque vectoring
  • More possibilities based on integrated application functions such as synchronous running, load detection or twin-winch hoists
  • More resistant thanks to installation of the RPCS in special stainless-steel cabinets or other suitable housings

Green Harbour and Co. - the application possibilities

The conversion of traditional diesel driven components to electrical solutions helps to bring the notion of the "Green Harbour" ever closer to reality, as the use of battery accumulators pays for itself due to their long operating times. Equally important when handling goods, especially bulk goods, are the cranes and loading machines used for bulk handling. Handling of bulk materials is a controversial issue, due in part to dust pollution caused during transshipment and in addition the pollution from the handling equipment. However it is possible to turn an important adjusting screw both ecologically and economically - because electric drive technology means a plus for the environment and a plus for you as the user.