What drives you?

Electric drives achieve a higher efficiency than hydraulic drives. In addition they score more points for their environmental friendliness since they do not require hydraulic oil that could possibly leak and pollute the environment. That is why hydraulic drives are increasingly being replaced by electric drives. But even where hydraulics are indispensable, the efficiency can be optimized by electrically controlling the pumps. Not only that, CO2 emissions can be drastically reduced and diesel fuel saved through the use of an electric drive.

Use of electronically synchronized individual drives instead of mechanical transmission elements ensures even greater precision, improved controllability and greater flexibility. Technology that has been tried and tested in mechanical engineering for years now  finds its way into new application environments, thanks to our expert engineering team and our specialist know-how.

Our components offer more flexibility.

REFUdrive offers you the system solution so that not only the right choice is made in the decision between electric drive and partial electrification to increase the efficiency, but also the suitable components are selected. Simply choose the components that suit the operating conditions of your application, even if you only need one.
Whether motor inverters, generator inverters or batteries, the REFUdrive component portfolio offers you a wide variety of elements. Benefit from the flexibly expandable system, which can be easily adapted to future conditions and controlled via intelligent communication and thus integrated into your application.

Design your drive solution, your own drive.

The right series for every application

REFUdrive is dedicated to the combination of adjustable power electronics and storage systems. With the REFUdrive system you create the solution that fits your mobile application. You benefit from the modular principle, which you can specifically expand in order to react flexibly to future changes without having to question the system.

Single device or system solution - the choice is yours

The keyword is also specific when it comes to the selection of components. REFUdrive is aware of the special features, so that you can choose between two series of inverters as well as between the power classes of the batteries. In addition, by selecting the REFUdriver as a further component of the system, commissioning can be simplified and parameterization and continuous diagnostics can be easily configured.