On-board charger OBC 22K
Compact and efficient high-voltage charging.

Thanks to the state-of the art SiC switching technology, the REFUdrive on-board charger is particularly efficient and achieves an efficiency of over 96 %. The device is water cooled, it allows a very wide ambient temperature range. The device contains a galvanic separation.

Flexibly scalable and configurable.

The on-board chargers can be configured in parallel and are therefore scalable. In pair mode, two on-board chargers share a one 63 A/400VAC inlet. The operation via an AC charging wallbox is possible in accordance with EN 61851-1:2011. As an option the on-board charger can also be connected in parallel up to 8 units and thus scaled to higher charging power.

The REFUdrive on-board charger is equipped with the interfaces Modbus, CANopen and Ethernet. Thus it is flexibly controllable and configurable. The charger can be controlled remotely via the diagnosis software.


  • Non-road mobile machinery (NRMM)
  • Construction equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Public transportation
  • Municipal vehicles

Your advantages in brief

  • Compact
  • Highly efficient thanks to SiC semiconductors
  • Compatible with various battery types and AC wallboxes

Most important data at a glance

  OBC 22K-450 OBC 22K-800
AC voltage range 3-phase (V) 360...480 360...480
Max. AC phase current (A) 32 32
DC voltage range (V) 200...450 420...800
Max. DC charging current (A) 70 40
Max. DC charging power (kW) 22 22

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