RPCS 730 inverter
The range for the compact needs.

The RPCS 730 series combines inverter, double inverter and combi inverter in the power classes from 15 - 250 kW. The innovative water cooling of the inverter and dual inverter in a single housing makes it suitable for installation in very compact drive systems without control cabinets. Thanks to its robustness, high shock and vibration resistance, it can also be used under harsh conditions. The series also offers a flexible and individual configuration for optimum interaction and meets the requirements up to protection class IP6K9K.

One series - innumerable possibilities

The RPCS 730 series embodies the REFUdrive system. This results in countless application and configuration possibilities for your drive solution. Select the components from the REFUdrive system that fit your application. The RPCS 730 series can be used as

  •     Motor inverters
  •     Generator inverter
  •     DC-DC controller
  •     Charger
  •     Onboard power supply
  •     A combination generator/motor inverter


It allows the operation of all types of motors, with or without an encoder and is suitable for motor speeds up to 20,000 rpm.

Your advantages in brief

  • Smart control for precise outcomes: Control circuit board with freely configurable interface and SPC functionality, deployable for pre-programmed or customised, project-related control and regulating functions
  • Technology reinvented: Integrated mechanical engineering functions, along with electronic drive management and synchronous running control
  • The safety features at a glance: Integrated torque vectoring, anti-skid protection, suitable for use in drive systems designed for added safety; monitoring and protection functions, STO functional safety, motor temperature monitoring, error-log function
  • Designed to supply more energy: Integrated, electronically controlled 24 V DC supply, also suitable for ancillary components of up to 3 kW
  • Designed for added ease of use: Optional control panel with plain-text display and program memory for simple configuration of drive parameters. Discover also the REFUdriver - the parameterization, commissioning and diagnostic software.

Most important data at a glance

1x17K 1x17K+3K 2x28K 2x55K 150K 320K
Motor power @ 4kHz (kW) 1x15 1x15 2x22 2x45 110 250
DC input voltage (V) 450...850 450...850 400...850 400...850 300...850 300...850
DC nominal voltage (V) 570 570 570 570 570 570
Rated current @ 4kHz (A) 25 25 2x40 2x80 215 460

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